Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Coverage of London's VFX Forum

What's wrong in VFX and how can we make the industry better?

The event took place tonight, and I've gathered some coverage and participant response below:
About the event... With job insecurity high, pay unreliable and long hours common, VFX can be a tough industry to work in. BECTU, the union for VFX professionals, is here to help. 

Come along to this forum to discuss how we can work together to build links between staff in different production houses and find a way to improve the industry for good.BECTU's General Secretary, Gerry Morrissey, will help explain what a union can do for staff working in VFX and detail the support the union can give for people at work.

There will then be a general discussion about howe we can ensure that staff in VFX can get a better deal and how the union can help.Refreshments will be provided.

UK VFX Professionals Join BECTU today

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