From Scott Ross to 15 top VFX CEO's
Unions, Trade Associations, Guilds, and a Visual Effects Congress, have and continue to be discussed, below are some information, proposals, solutions and means for taking action:

Scott Squires: What's The Solution?

 VFX Town Halls
  1. UK VFX Forum: What's wrong in VFX and how can we make the industry better? (April 3rd 2013)
  2. International VFX Town Hall Meeting Pi Day 3.14 (March 14th 2013)
Petition the Obama administration to end the export of American visual effects jobs to other countries who are offering unfair tax subsidies. If you agree with this course of action, 100,000 signatures are needed by March 29, 2013 to reach it's goal. (This petition did not receive enough signatures)

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