Thursday, March 28, 2013

VFX Momentum Marches On...

March 31rst 

March 30th 

March 29th 

R&H may remain a standalone company but unless California enacts tax incentives for vfx work it is likely to be a much smaller one. Its current El Segundo HQ will be sold and it is likely to send as much of 80% of its vfx volume overseas.
But Roman was also clear that the combination of a lag in production and large subsidies in Canada, especially Quebec, threaten the California vfx industry. “There’s a strong desire to keep the visual-effects industry alive in CA but nobody knows quite what to do about the tax subsidies in Canada. This is where the industry grew up and where innovation happened.” Roman said she had decided not to open a Vancouver branch because she didn’t want the extra overhead.

Tippett Studio 'Why the Hell Doesn’t California Do Something?'

March 28th

New Owners Prana: The Auction of Rythm & Hues

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