Friday, March 15, 2013

VFX Momentum Marches On..

March 27th, R+H 'New Owner' Auction Day

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! by Jesse Toves

March 26th

UK ArtistsAttend the VFX Forum in London
“A disproportionate amount of talented visual effects artists and seasoned VFX veterans are in California,” Fulle says, “but we need to level the playing field here. Otherwise we’re going to see the industry disappear completely. If we keep playing the subsidies game and the visual effects hubs keep moving from one country to another, visual effects will not progress at nearly the same rate that we’ve seen in years past.” ~Jenny Fulle

March 25th

VFX Crossroads Pt. 2: Can The VFX Business Be Saved?

March 24th


March 23rd

Leon Drolet, chair of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance, said movie makers are never loyal "to who bought them dinner."
"The film credit program sells itself as a match-making opportunity where you can connect for a productive and long-term relationship," Drolet said. "In reality, it is like a Craigslist hookup."
There have been few details on the plot of the fourth Transformers movie, but the third film in the series was panned by the website, Rotten Tomatoes, with a 36 percent rating.
"This could finally be the film that embarrasses legislators so much that they eliminate the film incentive," Mackinac Center for Public Policy Fiscal Policy Analyst James Hohman said, jokingly.
Hohman said Michigan's tax dollars used for movies would be better served on fixing roads. ~Hollywood Transforms Itself to Milk Multiple States for Movie Money
Support the Artists! Wait a week! Campaign

March 22nd

The Real Wizards by Jesse Toves

March 21rst

March 20th

“You’ll go to work in a film studio like you’d go to work in a car factory,” Kumaran said. “The consumer doesn’t care where the green screen is.” ~$90 million movie studio slated for Effingham
The "sword" clause ... by Jesse Toves

 March 19th

"Other companies known to be circling Rhythm & Hues are and ." (
Because there are plenty of other geese in the shed.
by Jesse Toves
On the troubled VFX business
“There’s so much pressure to get budgets down,” Stokdyk admits of the current VFX business climate. “Not a day goes by that I don’t have conversations with people [about the business]. We struggle to look for solutions. It's a complicated series of problems.”
Stokdyk declines to discuss the particulars of Oz's VFX budget but says it didn't lose money, giving particular credit to Raimi and Tamara Kent, VFX producer on the production. “Sam’s a producer as well as a director; he understands budgets and schedules and works with us… It’s got to be a collaborative process otherwise nobody succeeds.”
He says of Kent's "tricky" job: “You hear stories about producers who are hard to work with and unfair with budgets, but she was so great and respectful to the companies. ... If there were more VFX producers like Tamara, the industry would be in better shape.”
Oz’s total production budget was $215 million.

March 18th

Just to keep everyone informed.... A committee has been formed to further the possibility of the formation of a VFX Trade Association. We have had responses from 12 of the 15 VFX facilities. Eleven of the twelve companies have agreed to investigate the possibilities of a Trade Association. We are now interviewing legal counsel in hopes of setting a meeting w the VFX CEO's within the next 3 weeks. Wish us luck! ~Scott Ross
VFX Crossroads: Causes & Effects Of An Industry Crisis

March 17th

March 16th

March 15th

We all have something in common. by Jesse Toves

March 14th

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