Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June VFX News..

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I felt it was imporant to keep this post at the top of this months news, it's a sobering piece of journalism by fxguide's Jeff Heusser that came out amid the vfx town hall event and other industry related news offerings.

VFX in Los Angeles – 100 hour weeks & homeless (fxguide.com) - June 10, 2013  

Next Event: Tuesday, June 25th, 8pm PDT Facebook | vfxtownhall.org

June 25th

June 24th

BECTU's VFX Feature: 8147Kb PDF

Living on the Edge: VFX feature: Living on the Edge, discusses the state of the UK VFX sector and BECTU's campaign in support of the workforce. (published in Stage Screen and Radio, June-July 2013). 24 June 2013 | 8147Kb PDF

June 23rd

June 22nd

June 21rst

June 20th

June 19th

June 18th

What's the prognosis, doc? by Jesse Toves

June 17th

June 16th

  • NZ visual effects industry working long hours (mradionz.co.nz) The survey of 30 countries showed that only 3% here do a 40-hour week, with the rest doing 50 to 80 hours and up to 100 hours during busy periods.- June 16, 2013

June 15th

June 14th

Symbols by Jesse Toves

June 13th

Update: It seams Gridwarp's twitter account has been taken down... 
Gridwarped's Twitter feed was somewhat of a live stream from a company meeting held at Digital Domain this evening, he spoke of DD's move to shift business to it's Vancouver pod, news that the Venice office will merge with Playa Vista, and that 8 people had been laid off today from the Venice facility.  When asked by VFXLaw if people were being asked to relocate at least?  Gridwarp mentioned that some people will be approached, and it was said to let your leads know if your interested in moving.  You can follow the feed here.
The outfit will be a collective and sets out to redress some of the negative working practices in the industry.

"We've been at the sharp end of how the vfx industry has developed over the years, and like many artists, have worked untold hours of overtime for no pay and little job security, " says Hunt. "Like so many in the industry, we've done this as we are incredibly passionate about what we deliver to the screen." ~Chris Hunt

June 12th

"There’s a huge divergence with what’s happening in visual effects in the film world and what’s happening in the commercial world," Shipman said. "What drives a lot of the decisions in film is purely cost, whereas in the commercial world it’s not driven by those tax incentives." ~Jon Collins

June 11th

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